Cheater's Guide To Exercise

Trick your body into burning more calories with these simple tactics

weight loss tricks

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Try these tips to trick yourself into shape:

Take 10
If you can’t manage a long walk, break it up. “The cumulative time you put into short bursts of exercise is equivalent to one long workout,” says Martha Gulati, M.D., assistant professor of preventive medicine in the cardiology division of Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago. “The important thing is to start building an exercise habit.” As an ultimate goal, aim to get in two to three 10-minute walks at least four days a week. Even if you have worked out, 10 minutes of walking burns off that much more fat and that many more calories.

Play with pace
To burn more fat and calories and reap the most cardiovascular benefits, you need to challenge yourself, working out at a level that makes you breathe a little harder and makes your heart beat faster. For example, speed walk to the next tree or lamppost; repeat. Or simply choose a route with hills. On the treadmill, try a low incline to kick up your calorie burn-off.

Be fickle
If you always walk the same route at the same speed and elevation, your muscles adapt and become so efficient that they actually burn fewer calories as you work out. How to tell if your muscles are coasting? If you’re not sweating as much at the end of your session, you don’t feel that tired after working out, or you’re gaining weight even though you aren’t eating more or exercising less, you need to shake things up. Try adding intervals (alternating 1 minute at a fast pace with 2 minutes of a slower, recovery pace), speeding up your pace, adding hill walking or a new activity into the mix—or all of these options.

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