Salad Bar Savvy

Smart Salad Bar Behavior

salad bar savvy

1. Leafy greens
Healthier greens such as spinach, mesclun, watercress, and mustard greens are full of flavor.
How much? Go for it. The sky’s the limit.
Calories? Let’s call it a freebie.

2. Beans
Loaded with protein, fiber, and nutrients, beans make you feel fuller faster.
How much?
Around 2 tablespoons.
Calories? About 40.

3. Fresh raw veggies
Go for the unprocessed broccoli, carrots, green beans, red cabbage, tomatoes, and peppers.
How much? For starchy veggies, such as corn and potatoes, which tend to be high in calories, keep the limit to ¼ cup. Otherwise, the sky’s the limit.
Calories? About 30.

4. Fruit
When the fruit is fresh and not packed in syrup, it will give your salad a nice tang and your body an infusion of phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.
How much? Around ½ cup.
Calories? About 40.

5. Nuts and seeds
Their yummy crunch is packed with protein and nutrients.
How much? Keep it to 1 tablespoon.
Calories? Around 45.

6. Cheese
You don’t need to skip this taste treat, just keep it in check. You’ll get the most flavor from crumbled feta or grated Parmesan.
How much? About 1 tablespoon
Calories? Around 25.

7. Olives
A super-healthy monounsaturated fat.
How much? Around 2 tablespoons sliced or 3 or 4 whole olives.
Calories? About 30.

8. Hard-boiled eggs
Lots of protein (6 grams per egg) can help make your salad more satisfying.
How much? Around 2 tablespoons chopped or ½ egg.

9. Grilled skinless chicken breast
A low-calorie, protein-rich option to pair with your greens. It also helps make you feel fuller longer.
How much? Around Ľ cup shredded or cubed.

10. Light dressing
Look for the lightest among the selections. Key word: “vinaigrette.” Bring your spoon from your table setup and use it to drizzle your dressing over the top.
How much? Aim for 2 tablespoons. If you’re using a teaspoon from your dinner service, that would be 6 spoons full.
Calories? Around 60.


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