Make Over Your Eating Routine

Use these seven essential tips to eat your way younger.

eating routine

Photo by: Philip Friedman/Studio D

Drink more water An 8-ounce glass with every meal—with plenty of sipping throughout the day—will keep your energy up, your digestive system regular, and your metabolism going strong.

Start off strong The right balance of protein and carbs at breakfast sets you up for success. You’ll feel fuller, snack less and crave healthier foods all day long.

Make every calorie count Pack each meal and snack with power foods, like leafy greens, bright berries, eggs, salmon and whole grains. These nutrient-dense calories will automatically keep your waistline slim, your brain sharp, your skin smooth and your heart healthy.

Shop smart Opt for the least processed versions of packaged foods, which have the shortest ingredients list. Foods that are closest to their natural state give you a much steadier, longer-lasting stream of energy.

Stop before you snack Don’t munch mindlessly. Gauge your hunger before digging in—you might not always need something to hold you over between meals, but if you do, pausing first will help you make a healthier choice.

Pay attention to portions It’s simple: Whether it’s a packaged snack or a recipe, check the serving size—and stick to it. Even the healthiest foods will pack on pounds if you eat too much of them.

Spice it up Wherever possible, replace sugar (it’s terrible for your skin) or salt (it’s bad for your heart) with health-promoting, metabolism-boosting seasonings, like cinnamon, curry or ginger.


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