6 Ways to Lose Weight for Swimsuit Season

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Photo by: Getty Images/Tetra images

Summer is rapidly approaching; and with that comes – you guessed it – swimsuits. To prepare for the skin-baring months, here are sure-fire tips from the editors of Good Housekeeping that go far beyond the obvious “eat less, work out more” advice we all think we know. Here’s how to drop the pounds just in time for beach season!


 - Give yourself a daily spending account. If eliminating calories leads to weight loss, then to burn more calories than you consume, remember that you have a limit on caloric spending each day. For women, this target range generally falls between 1,450-1,550 daily; for men, it trends towards 1,850-2,050 per day. Starting a food journal to keep track of calories consumed is a great way to start noticing how much you take in

 - Focus on the right fats. Healthy fats like olive oil and avocado provides the nutrients you need without slowing your system and packing on the pounds; incorporate a little bit of these foods into your daily diet to keep your metabolism humming

 - Think about the condiments. Dipping sauces and sandwich toppings can sneak in extra calories where you may not notice, so start by upping your alertness when it comes to sides. (And this is where the food journal comes in handy.) Go for stone-ground mustard or fresh and dried herbs and spices over creamy mayos or aiolis

 - Tackle restaurant menus. Eating out doesn’t have to be a diet-blowing experience. Dine out in savvy style by looking at menus ahead of time to be sure you have a handle on nutritional information so you can make the right choices. Commit to ordering only what you’ve pre-selected and you’ll keep yourself on track

 - Makeover your kitchen with color. Approach the grocery store with an eye for brightness – fresh, crisp produce like broccoli, red and green peppers, and carrots with hummus are great snacks to keep in the kitchen to keep yourself full without consuming more calories than you need

 - Eat vegetarian once a week. By swapping out your lunchtime hamburger for a veggie burger just once a week, your calorie count will drop and your body will thank you.


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