Shortcuts to Healthier Eating

Cook and eat more healthfully with these time-saving ingredients

eat yourself younger with fast food

Photo by: Philip Friedman/Studio D

“Convenience food” might bring to mind highly processed meals that aren’t particularly good for you but that can be ready in minutes. But now, meet the new convenience foods: healthy, fresh whole foods that have been partially prepared, saving you considerable time as you pull together a meal.

Your new shopping list:

From the Refrigerated-Produce Section

Prewashed baby spinach

Prewashed chopped romaine lettuce

Prewashed baby kale

Prewashed and cut collard greens

Prewashed arugula

Prewashed mixed greens

Coleslaw/shredded-cabbage mix

Shredded carrots

Stringless snap peas

Microwave-in-a-bag green beans

Precut broccoli and/or cauliflower florets

Precut peppers

Sliced mushrooms

Precut stir-fry mix

Diced carrot, onion, celery mix

Sliced carrot and onion mix

Pre-peeled and cut butternut squash

Scrubbed sweet potatoes

Cooked beets

Cooked lentils and/or black-eyed peas

Fresh tomato salsa

Peeled garlic cloves

From the Dairy Section

Shredded cheese

Crumbled feta

From the Frozen Foods Section

Peeled and cut sweet potatoes

Chopped onions

Carrot, corn, pea medley

Stir-fry medley

Cut green beans

Sliced peppers

Broccoli/cauliflower mix

Chopped spinach


From the Grocery Section

Microwaveable precooked rice packets

Canned corn

Marinara sauce

Jarred sliced pimentos