Boost Your Calorie Burn

Keep your metabolism humming all day with these quick and easy moves

boost your calorie burn all day long

Photo by: Vicky Kasala/Getty Images

As you go about your day, think about all the chances you have to be active. Here are 20 opportunities to get in more calorie-burning, age-resisting moves. (Calorie counts are calculated for a 150-pound woman.)

  1. Walk your dog daily (if you don’t have one, borrow your sure-to-be-grateful neighbor’s): 15 minutes, 74 calories
  2. Avoid drive-through banks, restaurants, mailboxes, and library-book drop-offs. Instead, park and walk in: 5 minutes and 22 calories per walk
  3. Park at the outer edge of parking lots and walk briskly to your destination: 2 minutes, 11 calories
  4. Take public transportation to work; get off one stop before yours and walk the rest of the way: 15 minutes, 74 calories
  5. When doing errands, park your car and walk between stops: 20 minutes, 99 calories
  6. Walk up the escalator rather than passively letting it carry you. Trade elevators for the stairs: for every minute climbing stairs, 9 calories
  7. Do a little bit of housecleaning daily and put some muscle into vacuuming, dusting, and sweeping: 30 minutes, 99 calories
  8. Trade in your electric mower for a push mower: 20 minutes, 99 calories
  9. Rake and weed by hand: 45 minutes, 276 calories
  10. Set your default printer farther away from your desk at work: 2 minutes, 9 calories
  11. Go down the hall and talk to colleagues instead of e-mailing: 2 minutes, 9 calories
  12. Strategizing with a coworker? Suggest that you walk as you brainstorm: 30 minutes, 148 calories
  13. Use the restroom one flight up or down: 2 minutes, 18 calories
  14. Spend half your lunch hour taking a walk: 30 minutes, 148 calories
  15. Carry in groceries one bag at a time instead of making one or two trips: 8 minutes, 39 calories (and as a bonus, put away your groceries: 8 minutes, 24 calories)
  16. Walk or ride your bike to do errands whenever you can: 30 minutes, 135–148 calories
  17. Get up and change the channel instead of using the remote: 2 minutes, 2 calories
  18. Make a few circles around the supermarket to get in more steps: 8 minutes, 39 calories
  19. Pace (or at least stand) while you talk on the phone: 20 minutes, 20–99 calories
  20. Try to make your social life more active with fun activities; meet friends for miniature golf, go bowling, stroll through a museum, walk through a historic neighborhood or park, rent a paddleboat or rowboat, play pool or Ping-Pong: 60 minutes, 171–270 calories

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