Learn About the 7 Years Younger Program

Find out how you can look and feel younger by following our expert-developed regimen

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Imagine yourself suddenly 7 Years Younger—with beautiful, glowing skin, shiny hair, a flat belly, and feeling full of energy and life. This program gives you the tools and the plan you need to turn back the clock now—head to toe, body and mind. Whatever it is that’s making you yearn to feel younger, get ready to reach your goal. Our research shows that by following our program—the right skin and hair care, appropriate cosmetics, consistent (and boredom-free) exercise, and strategic nutrition—you can look up to seven years younger! And that’s without resorting to surgery, injections, or other invasive procedures.

We know this program delivers proven results, because it was tested by women just like you. We came up with a top-notch panel of testers: 10 women, ages 34 to 53, with busy lives just like yours.

Each panelist had her own reasons for wanting to look and feel younger, and many of them will sound familiar to you. Almost all of the panelists wanted to lose weight, learn to eat more healthfully, master makeup application, and improve their hair and skin. More than one woman confessed to having started and stopped several other healthy-eating and skin care routines, and hoping this one would stick.

You’ll learn expert makeup techniques to offset the changes that come with age. Your hair will gleam and be more manageable (even on humid days), and you’ll eat your way to a younger, healthier body—our 7 Years Younger weight-loss plan will not only help you shed pounds, but ensure you get heaping helpings of age-fighting nutrients. The exercise you’ll be doing will go a long way toward counteracting aging and disease, too, all the while making you fitter. You’re also going to come through this program with long- and short-term tactics for sharpening your memory, getting a better night’s sleep, and leading a life that’s less stressed.

To develop the 7 Years Younger program, we drew on the latest scientific breakthroughs in anti-aging research as well as the advice of top experts in skin care, cosmetics, hair care, nutrition and diet, exercise, brain fitness, and emotional health. And for the lowdown on the products that promise youthfulness we needed to look no further than the Good Housekeeping Research Institute, which put everything from eye creams and deep conditioners to wrinkle serums and teeth whiteners through scientific tests to reveal which products really work.

This one-of-a-kind program does as much to make you youthful on the inside as on the outside. Research shows that the right combination of healthy habits can make you physiologically younger than your chronological age—and, most important, help you live longer. The Baltimore Longitudinal Study on Aging, ongoing since 1959, has even determined that disease, often considered to be inevitable with time, is not a natural part of aging. By following our plan, you’ll be putting yourself on the path to long-lasting good health.

Getting started is easy and fun. The Jumpstart Plan provides immediate gratification—you’ll likely lose a pound or two in that week (one of our panelists lost four pounds!) and brighten your skin and hair. That takes you to the 7-Week Plan, which introduces something new to do every week and gives you time to get used to the changes. One of our goals in creating this program was to make it possible for you to meet your own goals in the way that suits you best. You can personalize the 7 Years Younger plan to make it your own.