Rachel Dorfman

rachel dorfman

Her Story Personal and professional stresses were making Rachel Dorfman, 38, look and feel old before her time. In the year before starting the 7 Years Younger program, she weathered a relationship breakup; helped care for her father, who has early-onset Alzheimer's disease; and was overseeing the care of her ailing grandmother. Even the promotion she'd earned at work was taking its toll. She vowed to spend her eight weeks on our program adopting healthier habits to get her life back on track and make herself a priority, because "if I can't take care of myself, I will never be able to take care of anyone else." Using the eating and exercise plan, Rachel lost more than seven pounds and 10 inches overall. Her favorite change: turning off all electronics an hour before bed: "I found that it dramatically decreased the amount of time I spent watching TV. Instead, I do my nighttime skin care routine, then do yoga, read a book, or listen to music. It's calmed me down."

Her Pledge "As part of the 7 Years Younger program, I pledge to spend the next eight weeks adopting healthier habits to get my life back on track. I’ve learned there are things in life you can control and things you can’t. With this program, I pledge to focus on finding new ways to schedule time for myself. This is my opportunity to examine the choices I’ve been making health-wise and to remember what it feels like to take care of myself – something I’ve been ignoring for a while. I pledge to make myself a priority, knowing that if I can’t take care of myself, I will never be able to take care of anyone else. I also pledge to move in the direction of getting in better shape, even if that means I have to sacrifice immediate pleasures such as a glass of wine or watching TV all night. I’d really like to find ways to simplify my life, so that I can find more time to relax. I think the 7 Years Younger plan is my starting point to achieving all this."

The Results:

"I'm still doing a double take when I look in the mirror."

  • Pounds shed: 7.4 pounds
  • Body Fat Decreased: 3.8 percent
  • Total Inches Lost: 10.25 inches
  • Age Spots Improved: 7 percent

Hair Rachel's all-one-length, all-one-color tresses dragged her face down. To lift her look, Louis Licari Salon stylist Devi Shrestha lopped off eight inches, bringing Rachel's locks up to chin length. "It was a tough moment," recalls Rachel. "But now I love it." Rachel's aim in coloring her hair was to cover the gray, "but the one-toned brown was a stark, unflattering contrast with her skin," says Salon colorist Hitomi Ikeda, who added all-over highlights to enliven the basic brown shade. The real freedom came in the upkeep: "I let my hair air-dry and barely use a blow dryer or flat iron anymore. My hair is softer and bouncier, and has less frizz!"

Makeup Lancôme makeup artist Sandy Linter shaped Rachel's "straight-across brows, which helps open up her whole face." To widen her eyes, which are on the small side, Linter curled her lashes and then applied mascara by wiggling the wand back and forth at the roots before stroking it out to the ends: "When lashes are curled, eyes look more youthful and awake because more of the whites of your eyes show." After applying primer to each eye, Linter smudged gold eye shadow in the creases.

Rachel’s secret to looking good, fast Pre-program, Rachel was lucky to get out of the house with lip gloss and mascara on. Not anymore! "Now I use eyelid primer, shadow, liner, and blush. It takes me all of about two minutes, and I look so much more pulled together."