Meet the 7 Years Younger Instant Makeovers Panelists

Fern Richter, 45.

fern richter

Photo by: Shannon Greer

“My daughter was touching my face, and she asked, ‘What are those bumps?’ I said, ‘They’re not bumps. They’re wrinkles!” says Fern, who has been a 7YY anti-aging testing panelist for two years. While she’s thrilled with the progress she has made by following the program’s approach to eating—she’s lost 20 pounds so far—Fern felt ready to shift her attention to some of her other aging-related concerns, like thinning hair and a loss of elasticity in her skin. “The corners of my mouth are pointing down, my hair is flat,” Fern says. “I need up! I need everything to be lifted!” The 7YY Mini-Makeovers that worked for her:

  • Losing Length: Fern was right—her already fine hair is thinning, says hairstylist Nunzio Saviano. So he lopped off a couple of inches of length, getting rid of what she had described as her “see-through ends.” Her hair immediately looked fuller.
  • Boosting Body: When hair lacks natural thickness, go with a richer hue, says John Whelan, a colorist at Saviano’s salon. He used a deep auburn infused with sprinkles of gold highlights to make Fern’s hair look denser. “Before it was too light,” he says. “It washed her out and made her hair look thinner.”

Fern’s Reaction: She was amazed by what a good cut and color could do not only for her hair, but also for her face. “It’s fabulous!” she said.

The Tip She’ll Take With Her: Fern’s bangs used to stick up and out. By simply switching her part to the other side, her hair now falls softly across her forehead, drawing attention away from fine lines.


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