Meet the 7 Years Younger Instant Makeovers Panelists

Mandy Roberson, 43.

Mandy Roberson

Photo by: Shannon Greer

When Mandy volunteered, she had been coloring and relaxing her own hair for several years to save time and money. At the same time, she skimped on the deep conditioners and frequent trims needed to keep chemically treated hair healthy, so her hair was weak and brittle. “My mom has Alzheimer’s, my dad has suffered two strokes, and I’ve been busy raising my daughter, who just turned three,” says Mandy. “So honestly, I’m really good at taking care of everybody except me.” As an entrepreneur who is getting ready to take her business to the next level, though, she was eager to update her look. “Right now, I’m constantly going to meetings and networking,” she says. “I want something that’s going to be manageable, but also sassy and new.” The secrets to her 7YY look:

  • More Color in Her Hair: Mandy’s skin and hair were all one tone, so Kyle White, a colorist at Oscar Blandi Salon, warmed her up and covered stray grays with a rich chestnut brown first. Then, after checking her hair’s health, he added a few toffee highlights around her head, where light naturally hits.
  • More Color on Her Face: Mandy never wore makeup before, but a “little blush emphasized her beautiful bone structure, which makes her look younger,” says Laura Mercier makeup artist Sue Pike.

Mandy’s Reaction: She loved the vibrant color and couldn’t believe what she looked like with a little makeup. “I feel beautiful! I’ve been a caregiver for a while—now I understand it’s important to take time out to take care of me.”

The Tip She’ll Take With Her: Mandy’s going to try blow-drying her hair instead of giving it a perm, using a heat protectant product first. “They told me to invest in a good blow dryer, so I’m going to try it.” Now that her brows are shaped, she’s going to maintain them. “Tweezing hairs here and there is nothing major—but it makes such a big difference.”


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