Lauren Mintzer

lauren mintzer

Her Story Lauren Mintzer, 45, was somewhat resigned to the changes the years had brought to her hair and skin. But that all stopped once she got on the 7 Years Younger track: “A friend commented that my hair looked really healthy. I ran my fingers through my strands: It felt nice and silky after just a few weeks!” Two hair care tips worked particularly well for Lauren. She began deep-conditioning her previously very dry hair twice a week, and she stopped her daily shampooing habit. The big bonus: “Cutting back on shampooing is helping my color last longer.” The skin care regimen brightened Lauren’s skin, and exercising more regularly gave her the energy boost she craved. She didn’t lose weight, but “my body definitely got more toned and firm.”

Her Pledge "I hearby dedicate the next eight weeks to the following 7 Years Younger program to the best of my ability. I will demonstrate just how much I love myself by eating better, taking care of my skin and hair, and exercising daily so that by the end of the program I will be able to look great and be fit! My goal is to look and feel the very best I possibly can. I want to be able to fit comfortable into the size 6 dresses that I will be trying on for my daughter’s bat mitzvah. I hope to bring out the brightness of my skin so that when I look at all the photos taken on her special day, I will feel good about myself. I know I will have challenging moments during the process. But I hope keeping my goal in mind will help me stay on course, since I ma doing this program for me. I will post this promise so that I can see it every day. I know that doing so will help me through the process."

The Results:

"I can’t believe how much healthier my hair is!"

  • Pounds shed: 1 pound
  • Body Fat Decreased: 2.8 percent
  • Skin Improved: More radiance and brightness

Hair Lauren didn’t have to tell Louis Licari Salon hair stylist Dana Fiore that her hair was fine. Fiore could see it: The length made her locks look scraggly. She cut off five inches and snipped in longer layers to give Lauren’s hair more texture and body. Lauren was already coloring her hair, but Salon colorist Yolanda Frade recommends an auburn as a base with reddish highlights to warm up her complexion. Her advice: “Be sure your colorist applies a slightly different color around the hairline — that’s where we go gray first.”

Makeup Lauren wears makeup daily, but aims not to look “made-up.” Lancôme makeup artist Sandy Linter showed her how to stand out naturally. First, an eye shadow–color edit: “Toss the bright blue and turquoise shadows,” said Linter of Lauren’s go-to hues. “They look dated and age you.” Lauren has beautiful long lashes, so Linter showed her how to wield an eyelash curler: “Once you clamp the lashes, tip the curler up to deepen the bend.” Then she defined them with mascara. For Lauren’s olive complexion, Linter used a warm, golden-toned foundation. She applied undereye concealer after base, dabbing it on with a brush in the inner corners of Lauren’s eyes to diminish darkness. “If you’re applying concealer after foundation, you put on less. You’re just covering what shows through the base,” says Linter.

Exercising more choice The fitness portion of the program was so exhilarating to Lauren, she ended up joining a gym. The variety of activities there has made working out fun, and she mixes it up with a combination of kickboxing, spinning and Pilates mat classes. “I ended up doing similar exercises to the ones in the program,” she says. “I look slimmer now, and I think its mostly because of the exercise.”

Weight loss her way “I really have a hard time with diets,” Lauren confesses. Nonetheless, tips from the 7 Years Younger weight-loss plan did ultimately improve her eating habits. “Dinners were difficult for me – I don’t love to cook – so I followed the healthy-breakfast and healthy-lunch suggestions,” she says. “I found a happy medium.”