Julie Ann Raab

julie ann raab

Her Story Julie Ann Raab's skin was her big age giveaway and her focus with the 7 Years Younger program. Although she had a regular skin care routine, it wasn't helping to fade her stubborn dark age spots, the result of years of outdoor tennis matches. When the 40-year-old used the 7 Years Younger anti-aging face regimen, her skin started looking better in just two weeks. Another bonus: "I learned that you don't necessarily have to spend a lot of money on skin care products to get visible results," says Julie Ann. "In fact, some of the drugstore ones worked the best."

Her Pledge "With this pledge, I dedicate myself to the 7 Years Younger program for the next eight weeks. My goals:

  1. To lose weight and keep it off, and find new ways to get in better shape.
  2. To focus more time on taking care of my skin. I’d love to get rid of the brown spots that came after being pregnant and being in the sun too much.
  3. To focus on being more easygoing. Life can be chaotic and I need to figure out how to refocus my energy during a stressful day."

The Results:

"Lightening my dark spots and circles was like an instant age makeover."

  • Pounds shed: 1 pound
  • Body fat decreased: 3 percent
  • Total inches lost: 2.5 inches
  • Skin texture improvement: 4.5 percent

Hair For a style with bounce, Louis Licari Salon stylist Devi Shrestha cut layers and side-swept bangs, which can be tucked behind the ears during a tennis match. Taking the color a notch lighter and adding highlights brightened her complexion, says Salon colorist Yolanda Frade.

Makeup Lancôme makeup artist Sandy Linter homed in on Julie Ann's brows: "To look younger, keep the arch lifted above the outer edge of the iris and then angle it downward." For even more of an eye lift, Linter flicked up the eyeliner at the outer corners of Julie Ann's eyes.