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Jackie Plant, 52.

jackie plant

Photo by: Shannon Greer

“I like being in my 50s. In fact, I embrace it,” says Jackie, a freelance food and nutrition consultant. “It’s a really liberating time in a woman’s life because the minutia means nothing to you.” One small matter of regret, however, is her time spent baking in the sun. Until her mid-40s, the self-described “beach fanatic” relied on a golden tan to help her look and feel younger. “I think my body is in good shape, and my mind is the best it’s going to be,” she explains. “But I’ve done a lot of damage to my skin over the years, and that’s really what shows your age.” Even though she now slathers on SPF and wears a hat while sitting outside at her daughter’s soccer tournaments, she wishes she “could peel off the sunspots on my face and chest—and start new.” These 7YY Mini-Makeovers helped to even her out:

  • Hide Spots the Right Way: The team from Laura Geller Makeup Studio applied foundation first, then used concealer to cover and blend particularly dark blotches.
  • Lighten Up: Aside from being diligent with sunscreen, Jackie used a cream containing retinol (to shed speckled skin) and vitamin C (to diminish spots).

Jackie’s Reaction: “It’s pretty amazing. The spot-fading product was so easy to use, and I started to see my sun damage fade after about three weeks. By six weeks, the spots were substantially lighter.”

The Tip She’ll Take With Her: Jackie’s trading in her tinted moisturizer—it was a little too sheer to flatten her dark spots—for a slightly heavier foundation. “They showed me how to mix in a little moisturizer, so it still goes on smooth, not cakey.”


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