Fern Richter

fern richter

Her Story Fern Richter started the 7 Years Younger program and a brand-new job at the same time. Her aim for both was to put her best face forward — and she did. Within a few weeks of following our suggested skin care steps, she had transformed her complexion. “At the end of the program, the computer told me that I had gone from 12 wrinkles on my face to five,” says Fern, 43, a married mother of a young daughter. Now she’s a convert: She has tossed out her old routine (using a cleansing facial wipe at night) and follows our anti-aging plan to the letter. She revamped her haircolor and makeup, but the biggest takeaway for Fern was the eating plan. The demands of her new job made it difficult for Fern to cook full meals, so the breakfasts were a lifesaver. “They kept me feeling full for such a long time, I would end up eating a later lunch, and that would hold me over until dinner. Sometimes I wasn’t even hungry for dinner. And if I was, I’d have more of the lunch for dinner.” By the end of the eight weeks, she’d lost four pounds — and in the following month, she took off another five.

Her Pledge "This program is just for me. It will be hard to stop doing for others and start doing for myself. I pledge to try to do all I can for my skin – I have been neglectful. I pledge to exercise as much as possible. I pledge to make better food choices – eat a big breakfast; a later, bigger lunch; and not so much for dinner. I pledge to let some things go and do more for myself!"

The Results:

"Color makes all the difference."

  • Pounds shed: 4 pounds
  • Body Fat Decreased: 0.1 percent
  • Total Inches Lost: 5.25 inches
  • Wrinkles Improved: 18 percent

Hair Fern has colored her hair red for years, but recently she had gone blond. “Louis Licari took one look at me and said, ‘Red,’ and he’s right,” she reports. Louis Licari Salon colorist Delilah Fernandez mixed a natural-looking golden red for most of her strands, and a slightly intensified shade for Fern’s hairline and part, to really cover up the grays. “I’m back to my old color, and it’s spectacular,” says Fern. Salon stylist Dana Fiore played up Fern’s naturally curly texture by cutting off several inches and then adding layers all over to give her hair lift.

Makeup Fern describes herself as a “cosmetics nut,” but she still learned plenty from Lancôme makeup artist Sandy Linter, who took advantage of the improved quality of Fern’s skin: “The right care makes all the difference. Fewer visible pores, less ruddiness, and softened wrinkles make a better canvas for makeup.” Linter showed Fern how to use bronzer as a contour, brushing it along the hairline to minimize her prominent forehead and under cheekbones to visually lift them — and her whole face. The finishing touch: A pop of sheer pink lip gloss. “Lip shades that are too dark or frosted are aging,” warns Linter. Sheer shades are a good choice, but you may need lipliner. “Be careful that the liner matches your lip color; if it contrasts, it will stand out and make your mouth look old-fashioned.”