Meet the 7 Years Younger Instant Makeovers Panelists

Estelle Schmones, 64.

estelle schmones

Photo by: Shannon Greer

Even though she’s technically retired from her teaching job, Estelle still runs all over town as a private tutor for elementary school students—and she keeps up (easily!) with the 30-somethings in her kickboxing class. “I’m a young kind of 64,” says the brand-new grandma. “But even though I exercise a lot and eat well, I know there’s no way to completely stop the changes I see in my face—that’s why I would love to learn a few techniques that help me look as young as I feel.” Though she was initially concerned most with wrinkles and sagging skin, Estelle was surprised by how a couple of key Mini-Makeovers playing up her eyes—which are big and beautiful, but were looking tired—improved her overall appearance:

  • Primer First: Putting down a makeup primer around her eyes helped all eye makeup go on smooth, giving lax skin a tighter appearance.
  • Lifted Lids: Two tiny tricks helped here: A sculpted brow with an arch that draws the eye up and a line that’s a little thicker—and ticks up—at the outer corner.

Estelle’s Reaction: “I love how my eyes look more open—everything just lifts!”

The Tip She’ll Take With Her: She’ll prime lips first—either with a lip primer product or by filling them in with a light-colored lip pencil—to give her lip color staying power.


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