Diane Durando

diane durando

Her Story The 7 Years Younger program came at the perfect time for Diane Durando. Serious challenges had filled Diane’s life over the past 10 years: she lost her brother, sister, and mother, and one of her two children was born premature (now a toddler, she’s doing well). By the time Diane, 42, embarked on the 7 Years Younger program, it had been years since she’d paid any attention to her own well-being. But that changed — starting with her bedtime habits. Pre-plan, Diane often got into bed with a BlackBerry in hand and a computer on her lap. “It was working for my career, but not for my body,” she says. Putting all her electronics away and winding down for an hour before bed helped immeasurably. Not only did she rate her sleep as more restful, but “people have mentioned that my skin looks younger or healthier, or has a glow to it, and I think better sleep is one reason why.” Diane also started to meditate, or at least tried to slow down daily, and stuck to her planned exercise sessions, despite dealing with a back injury. A long-time vegetarian, she appreciated the plan’s meat-free options. Eight weeks later, she emerged more than six pounds lighter.

Her Pledge "I look on this program as an act of kindness and dedication to myself. By dedicating time and effort to my overall well-being, I am subsequently giving my family a happier and healthier mom/spouse/daughter. While life has dealt many challenging moments along the way, this challenge is one in which I have the ability to determine the outcome. I understand that with each new day, I have another chance to continue the transformation. At the end of this program, I hope to have created new habits that will last a lifetime… and it wouldn’t hurt to show the world my old sassy self again, inside and out!"

The Results:

“From now on, I’m going to be a little more greedy about taking time for myself.”

  • Pounds shed: 4 pounds
  • Body Fat Decreased: 2.2 percent
  • Total Inches Lost: 0.7 inches
  • Skin Improved: Less redness, and dark circles were lighter

Hair Diane has worn her thick hair long for years. To give her locks more bounce, stylist Max Leary of the Louis Licari Salon cut four inches off, so they would just brush her collarbone. “I needed to lose five pounds somehow!” quipped Diane. Longer layers now give her thick hair more movement, and side-swept bangs flatter and frame her face. Diane is a natural blond, so Louis Licari colorist Hitomi Ikeda merely brightened her hair with highlights, focusing on the pieces around Diane’s face to enhance her complexion.

Makeup Lancôme makeup artist Sandy Linter loved Diane’s classic face shape and coloring and decided to give her a more glamorous look for everyday. “I usually recommend a lighter eyelid, but with her blond locks and fair skin, Diane can handle a smoldering gray color scheme.” She penciled on a charcoal liner, then applied powder over it, blending the two to give Diane’s eyes depth. Diane loves Linter’s tip for lining her lower lashes: “Don’t try drawing a line. Instead, dot color with a pencil along the lashline, then smudge.” To cover up the redness from Diane’s rosacea, Linter advised using a cream foundation. She finished the look by brushing a bronzer on Diane’s cheekbones, under her jaw, and along either side of her throat to create subtle definition.