Bernadette Pace

bernadette pace

Her Story Fresh start? Check. Weight loss? Double check. A modern, more sophisticated look? Triple check! A widow of two years, Bernadette Pace, 54, was ready to make these changes — and 7 Years Younger was her ally. In just eight weeks, she lost nearly 14 inches, developed smarter eating habits, became an exercise convert, and began to emerge from her shell. “I had been using my treadmill as a laundry basket,” she confessed. But when she began the program, something clicked: “Because you break the exercise into intervals, it doesn’t get boring.” Bernadette found out firsthand the fountain-of-youth effects of exercise. She lost more than six pounds and trimmed a whopping 10.25 inches off her waist!

Her Pledge "I, Bernadette Pace, hereby agree and commit to the following steps to improve accountability to myself and increase my chances for success by dedicating the next eight weeks to following the 7 Years Younger program. I do hereby commit to living a healthy lifestyle of being active and demonstrating self-control when it comes to eating. I will focus on my goal of exercising no less than 30 minutes daily three to five times a week, and take full responsibility for my overall health and well-being. I will devote time to and learn how to lead a healthier life, and I will put what I learn in the 7 Years Younger program to use. I will not let slipups convince me that I am a lost cause. When I slip up, I will remain focused and get back on track. I will adhere to the daily beauty routine provided in the 7 Years Younger program and look forward to seeing a transformation. I will enlist my daughters to help me stay on track and motivate me. I will stick to the program for the long haul. I want to prove to myself I can do it and I want to feel beautiful, and I want my family to be proud of me. I will post this pledge on my bedroom mirror where I will see it every day to strengthen my resolve and transform myself into the best person I can be."

The Results:

"Walking on my treadmill is turning my life around."

  • Pounds shed: 6.4 pounds
  • Body Fat Decreased: 0.7 percent
  • Total Inches Lost: 13.75 inches
  • Age Spots Improved: 23 percent

Hair Bernadette has sported the same bob for over 20 years. She calls it “classic,” but Salon owner Louis Licari called it “stuck in middle age.” Louis Licari Salon stylist Max Leary updated her look, giving her cut more definition and a stronger shape, angling her new ’do along her jawline and shortening the back to expose her neck. Also out-of-date: her harsh blond highlights. Salon colorist Hitomi Ikeda eliminated them and warmed up her shade so it flattered her complexion. Highlights in the same color family, placed around her face, also helped warm her skin tone.

Makeup Bernadette’s eyes are her strongest feature, so not surprisingly Lancôme makeup artist Sandy Linter played them up with dark liner along both top and bottom lashes. Then she topped the line with teal: “A colored liner is a subtler way to add drama to the eyes than a colored shadow,” she says. Next, she curled Bernadette’s lashes to “droop-proof” her eyes. To warm Bernadette’s skin, Linter recommended a golden-toned base and concealer.