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Silvia Robles, 40.

silvia robles

Photo by: Shannon Greer

With an 8-year-old, 6 year-old and 2-year-old at home, Silvia - whose husband travels frequently for work - worried that juggling the kids on her own was running her ragged. “Sometimes I come off older, because I feel so worn out,” she said before her makeover. “I want to be as energetic as I can be.” Over the past few years, Silvia had also watched her weight slowly but steadily creep upward, until she realized she was carrying an extra 25 pounds. “That was the red light—the sign that I have to stop just taking care of everyone else and make myself a priority too,” she says. What Silvia wanted most was to make over her tired eyes, which she felt were aging her beyond her years. Here, the tips that helped her look 7YY:

  • Cover Up Lightly: Rather than spackle on a heavy foundation, makeup artist Sue Pike applied a light tinted moisturizer first, then camouflaged Silvia’s undereye issues by blending a little concealer on top. “Less is more—otherwise you just draw more attention to that area,” she says.
  • Lift Your Lids: Pike took advantage of Silvia’s long lashes—simply by curling them and coating them with mascara, her eyes instantly appeared more open.
  • Expose Your Eyes: A chin-length bob with more movement—blown away from the face at the roots—makes Silvia’s eyes pop.

Silvia’s Reaction: She loves her shorter hairstyle’s “oomph” and is amazed that a few little tricks could make such a huge difference for her tired-looking eyes: “I feel energetic, like this put a spring in my step that had been missing for a while.”

The Tip She’ll Take With Her: Silvia had no clue that the jewel-toned clothes (like this blouse) could make her whites look brighter and face look younger. “I didn’t realize blue was such a good color for me, but it really opened up my eyes.”


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