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Jacqueline Demuro, 48.

jacqueline demuro

Photo by: Shannon Greer

When Jacqueline signed up for the 7YY program, she had already been growing out her gray for six months. “I felt like applying dye every four weeks was wreaking havoc on my hair, so I stopped,” said the busy waitress and mom. “My hair was definitely healthier, but I felt messy. I wanted to get a real style going.” Every time she considered going to the salon, though, she was afraid she’d be pressured to keep coloring—and worried that her extra cash would be better spent on her 17-year-old daughter, who was getting ready for college. The team at Oscar Blandi Salon gave her the mini-updates she craved, so that her gray looked like a style statement (and not neglect):

  • A Shoulder-Skimming Cut: Jacqueline still had dark brown dye on the bottom half of her hair, so Fennema lopped off length to speed the transition. “Plus there was too much hair in her face before—everything looked heavy.” Soft bangs that hit at the cheekbone and longer layers bring her hair and face back to life.
  • A Better Blend: Jacqueline quit coloring when her hair was coming in about 70 percent gray, which is ideal. All White had to do was add gray dye to very fine strands. “This blends it all together, so now the line will look more natural as it grows in,” he said.

Jacqueline’s Reaction: “I love it! I’m glad I decided to stay with the gray, but now it looks cleaner and more modern.”

The Tip She’ll Take With Her: Jacqueline says she’ll no longer shy away from a bolder lip. “I never wear anything but a nude with a hint of brown, but I love this translucent berry,” she said. The cooler-toned color brightens her face against the gray and boosts her smile, bringing out the white in her recently bleached teeth.


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