Blog Post: Porscha B.

Each of our 7 Years Younger Diet panelists has been asked to blog about their program experiences, successes and failures during their journey on the program.

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Tonight’s Oscar night, the night everyone’s focused on celebrating the hardest working entertainment industry bigwigs, their eyes glued to who’s wearing what, who’s thanking whom, and whose year-long performances are worthy of the ultimate golden statue.

And today, I’d like to share a few awards, too.  After a strong week six on the 7YY plan, I’ve logged my biggest weight-loss since week two. 

I’d like to thank:

- God, who makes all good things possible (everyone has to thank God first, right?!)

- Samantha Cassetty, our Nutrition Director, for designing a plan that allows for pizza and Chipotle and is structured to help us recover (almost painlessly) from dark weeks of overeating.  Other diets promise, but yours delivers: this is a way to eat for the rest of my life.  I couldn’t be more grateful.

- The 5:00 am team at my local gym, for welcoming me back this week, letting me know it’d been too long since my last visit, but saying you’re glad to see me nonetheless.  See you again soon (and often).

- My fellow 7YY panelists (especially Maria, Carol, and Eileen), who openly shared stories from their own experiences in life and on this new eating plan, their struggles with calories and food intake, and their successes on this plan.  You truly exemplified the goals of the Good Housekeeping team, creating a sense of community to help cement and achieve our weight-loss goals.  Congratulations on your progress, and thank you for helping me progress as well.

- And of course, my most-dedicated supporters: my lovely mom, my handsome boyfriend, my cutie dog (who eats the extra slices of cheese or turkey meat, helping me keep my portions under control), my coworkers (who don’t tell me where the post-birthday-celebration cupcakes or cookies or chocolates are), and of course, my family and friends who are praying for me through this experience.  I pray I don’t let you guys down.


Keeping with the Oscar theme, here are the nominees for This Week’s Outstanding Happy Place (Instead of Food):

- The in-the-zone moment on the treadmill (sometime between 8 and 12 minutes, running at a steady pace, rhythmically inhaling and exhaling, often to a drum- and bass-heavy beat)

- Receiving stellar professional advice from a successful editor, implementing her advice, and achieving the most ideal, positive results

- Great conversations with old friends, complete with gut-busting (and abs-strengthening) laughter

- Non-food-related date nights, including a college basketball game, and an off-off Broadway play

- Handing in deliverables at work ahead of deadline


And in a ceremony held earlier, the following awards were given:

- This Week’s Outstanding Restaurant Meal: Dig Inn’s Small Plate with Sesame Tofu

This New York eatery chain offering healthful foods (often from local growers) prided itself on offering “nutritionally-balanced whole meals” with no empty calories.  For their small plate, you pick one quality “meat” (I chose tofu, but the veggie platter, braised beef, and rosemary chicken are three of seven delectable options), one whole grain or salad (veggie brown rice and baby spinach rock my world), and three sides (probably about ¼ to ½ cup of anything from kale and apple salad to roasted sweet potatoes and succotash—my favorite).  As you build your plate, they list the unadulterated calorie-count for every dish—including any condiments you’d like to order (making it easy to swap out 129-calorie hummus for 43-calorie hot sauce). Never before has a 300-calorie meal left me feeling so satisfied and completely full. And since I kept the calories low enough (and left out a snack or two throughout the day), I had room for a pineapple-coconut-basil smoothie (157 frosty, refreshing calories).

- This Week’s Outstanding 7YY Recipe: Steak and Oven Fries

A quarter-pound of flank steak in a red wine reduction (especially delicious and satisfying if you’re in the throes of a red-meat craving), and who doesn't love indulging in French fries on a diet?! I jazzed up the fries with thyme, oregano, and ground white and crushed red peppers.  I think my eyes watered at the first bite—they were that good.  The meal also made stellar leftovers, serving the steak diced over a bed of baby spinach, topped with an Israeli salad (cucumber, tomato, peppers, onions, and a little garlic, mixed in extra-virgin olive oil) for lunch. 

- This Week’s Easiest Food to Eliminate: Fruit Juice

Real mango slices, fresh kiwi, diced honeydew and cantaloupe, a cup of mixed berries—fresh fruits are so good, juicy, and sweet, they satisfy me more than orange pineapple juice with breakfast.  I am especially fond of the pre-sliced mangoes from Whole Foods and Fairway—a bit pricey, but worth every penny.

- This Week’s Outstanding Advice: In Samantha Cassetty’s Facebook chat with our 7YY team, she shared this jewel:

“Slip-ups are part of the process, and I think the best thing to do is get out of the habit of beating yourself up. I also like to think of it this way: Be loving toward yourself.”

- Outstanding Inspirational Quote:

“Every try will not succeed. But if you're going to live, live at all, your business is trying. And if you fail once, so what? Old folks say, Every shuteye ain't sleep and every goodbye ain't gone. You fail, you get up and try again.” —Maya Angelou, The Heart of a Woman

So, entering week seven, I’m aiming to keep the morning gym regimen (man, it felt good to get back on that horse) and to limit snacks (and choosing fruits over chips when eating between meals). With discipline and consistency, next week's weigh-in could be a success.

If not now, when?


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