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Each of our 7 Years Younger Diet panelists has been asked to blog about their program experiences, successes and failures during their journey on the program.

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Prepared to turn this aroundóbring on week five!]

Week three ended disastrously: in fact, it almost couldn’t have been worse. For starters, my beloved 49ers were thisclose, but lost the Super Bowl for the first time ever.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I expected to misbehave with food that weekend. Part of me wishes the 7YY team had given us the tips on successfully navigating a low-cal Super Bowl earlier in the week - especially the ones about exercising diligently. But that Facebook post came Friday afternoon, after the menus were set, my mind fixed on cheating.

Surely, some of my plan mates approached game day carefully: working out heavily the days prior; eating light breakfasts and saving calories; keeping celery and carrot crudités on hand; replacing cheese dips with hummus; surrounding themselves with sparkling waters and Food Should Taste Good chips, to be eaten one ounce per snack, of course. And no surprise if others were afraid of the day - fearful of falling off the wagon, undoing some of the stellar weight loss they’d accomplished in the first three weeks, avoiding Finnerty’s for the big game.

I wish.

Low-Calorie Super Bowl Preparations:

1)    Holding the party at home (better food environment control)

2)    Asking the bf to make only his delicious guacamole instead of fried chicken

3)    Preparing cod and steak fajitas with grilled peppers and onions

4)    Staying away from the beer

5)    No candy

Now, multigrain chips, whole wheat tortillas, brown rice, and sautéed red beans (instead of refried) have long been diet staples, and we regularly use reduced-fat or fat-free sour cream, so they didn’t really count as special 7YY Super Bowl fare. Everything else was an all-star departure from anything the plan recommended.

I baked four dozen cookies (pistachio white chocolate chip and almond milk chocolate chip) and two Tanzanian vanilla pound cakes - giving away the lion’s share, at least. The same didn’t go for the delicious tomato-cheese dip. Despite the absent beer, vodka flowed freely - after all, it’s been 18 years since "Who’s got it better than us?" Niner fans reveled in Lombardi Trophy glory. Could you skimp on the celebration?

By the time it was all over, we’d lost by three points, I was full of dieter’s remorse ("I can’t believe I ate that whole thing."), and the scale would spit its uglies during weigh-in a couple hours later - a 28% gain of all weight lost so far. How would you feel Monday morning?

"The Niners came so close; are you okay?" friends would ask. Outside voice, "Thank you for asking."  Inside voice, "Bitter, full (hunger level 1 from 3:00 pm Saturday through at least 3:00 pm Wednesday)." Then an e-mail from Rachel at Good Housekeeping: “We'd like to invite you back to Hearst on Thursday, March 7, for your weigh-in following 7 weeks on the 7YY Diet plan.”

MARCH 7?! That’s seven weeks, yes, but I looked forward to doing this longer, and thought maybe they’d take measurements closer to Easter, after the full season of Lent. By dinnertime, the loudest voice was cheese dip and leftover fajita meats, offering familiar comfort. Same on Tuesday, though with improvement - walking a good two miles almost every day, remembering the fun in resistance band exercises, crunching regret for not doing this regularly. Relatively modest lunches or dinners of salad with grilled tuna, parfait breakfasts and snacks of Food Should Taste Good chips or Multigrain Cheerios, though in quantities exceeding 7YY’s calorie targets.

The scale sweetened its voice Friday morning, leaving me hopeful that by Monday’s weigh-in, a disciplined weekend might undo the Super Bowl damage - not the worst way to start the final three-week push. But Saturday, a viral article caught my eye online, falsely attributed to Bill Cosby, a rant about accountability and hard work

"I've worked hard since I was 17… I put in 50-hour weeks, and didn't call in sick in nearly 40 years… I didn't inherit my job or my income, and I worked to get where I am… I'm tired of being told that I have to ‘spread the wealth’ to people who don't have my work ethic." (

Although Dr. Cosby wasn’t the author, the piece’s sentiment struck a chord. My lackluster commitment to this program confronted me, loud and hideously clear.

By Saturday night, I wanted to call Good Housekeeping and apologize, "I’m sorry - I don't feel comfortable representing this program, having followed it rigidly for only 5 or 6 days (out of 27) thus far." Limiting my calories to roughly 1,500 felt like work, but my everyday yogurt-and-granola breakfast doesn't match a single one in the plan’s 144. Nicoise salads from the local brasserie didn’t exactly match the 7YY recipe (though they could have - just get rid of the potatoes!) Retaining the bare minimum discipline on this rather forgiving plan, just making snacks in advance, READING ALL THE DETAILS FOR THE LOVE OF MICHAEL, could’ve yielded an 11% body weight loss by now.

What would you do? Have you ever been in this boat? In over your head in a stew of your own brewing, unable to keep a commitment you really wanted to - needed to - uphold?Well, I can’t quit. With apologies for the cloudy blog stuffed on disappointments and broken promises, and hopes for more robust with excitement of plan successes, I have to make the most of this opportunity. After all, who wants her after photos completely indistinguishable from her before shots.


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