Blog Post: Melissa B.

Each of our 7 Years Younger Diet panelists has been asked to blog about their program experiences, successes and failures during their journey on the program.

melissa b blog

I find that doing this program during the week for me is easy. I am still hungry and always think about food, but I keep busy which gets me through. The weekends are extremely hard. Especially since this weekend we had Storm Nemo. When you get stuck in the house all warm and cozy and watch movies with the kids, all I want are the snacks with the hot chocolate! With whipped cream and marshmallows of course! I try to fool myself with green tea, which works but then I still want the hot chocolate after! Having Valentine's Day candy in the house is also a BIG MISTAKE! I hurt my knee in the gym so working out for me this week was out. I will try to do the non impact exercises listed in the 7 Years Younger Plan. I can not do anything high impact which is a disappointment for me since I was seeing results.

Achievements: I lost 10lbs. so far. I will weigh myself again tomorrow (Monday) to see if I lost any more. I feel that weighing myself more than once a week will disappointment me. Seeing the number at the end of each week and the start of the next so far has genuinely been helping me, since I am seeing and feeling the results.  

Setbacks: The storm. When you can't get out and you are in the house it is hard not to just snack all day. I didn't want to cook this weekend and last night we ordered in. I tried to make "the healthy choice" decision by having a turkey burger with 1/2 the bun (not whole grain).

Tips/Takeaways: Drink water. Carry a water bottle with you at all times. Don't beat yourself up if you go off the program. For example, in my case the Valentine's Day candy. The best part about the 7 Years Younger Program is that they understand this will happen. We are human after all. Tomorrow is a new day so just start again. Maybe cut 1 of the 2 snacks out for a few days.   


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