Blog Post: Leigh Gillam

Each of our 7 Years Younger Diet panelists has been asked to blog about their program experiences, successes and failures during their journey on the program.

leigh gillaml blog post

While watching the Oscars last night and checking to see what everyone was wearing, a comment came up on Facebook from an old neighbor of mine who is closer to my children's ages and has been living in New York for quite a while.  Her comment referred to the "super malnourished actors and actresses" and went on to say that she felt Hollywood was taking skinny to new extremes.  And while Adele and Melissa McCarthy looked beautiful, did we all wonder why they didn't do something about their weight.  Sure, Adele just had a baby, but so have many other stars who are back to pre-baby weight in a few months.  Then this morning I read that 22 year-old Jennifer Lawrence, while walking the red carpet, said to an interviewer, "I'm starving and I can see a McDonald's right there."  What do you imagine these people went through the past several weeks to be sure they looked "perfect" last night??  I can't imagine.  But neither can I imagine that that's what we all REALLY want for ourselves.  We look at them and wish we, if even for one night, could be in their shoes.  I'm sad that society, me included, can't think that a size 14 is normal and appropriate.  And who determines what we all should weigh?  The weight charts (and you can find them everywhere!) put me in a range I haven't been in since my mid-20's. So that's my rant for the week.

Now, back in the real world, my goal is to keep unhealthy foods out of my house and bypass the fast-food drive-through.  I'm the grocery shopper and primary cook in our house and when those Cheetos end up in the pantry it's because I put them there!  And if the ice cream left from Christmas is still in the freezer, well it's just time to throw it out.  Apparently no one wants it but me!  I will buy clothes that help hide my flaws in colors that get me compliments every time I wear it.  (You know which one it is!)  I will make an extra effort to walk a little more and see a bird, flower or kitten that makes me smile.  And for my brother-in-law's birthday dinner next week (at my house) I'll buy 2 cupcakes - one for him and one for my husband.  I'll have some fruit, thank you.  And no leftover cake the next morning.  The refrigerator at work holds my spinach, blueberries, feta cheese, tomatoes, zero calorie carbonated drinks, strawberries and apples.  And I'm patting myself on the back.  Good job this week, Leigh!

Daylight savings time starts in March.  More light at the end of our day gives us more day (right??), more warmth and perhaps, more motivation.

Also, a shoutout to Good Housekeeping for the recent article on flattering jeans for a size 14!  Excellent!!


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