Blog Post: Leigh Gillam

Each of our 7 Years Younger Diet panelists has been asked to blog about their program experiences, successes and failures during their journey on the program.

leigh gillaml

I've always struggled with which came first - the chicken or the egg. Or more to the point, do you lose weight adding exercise to your week or do you lose weight eating less calories? I've always felt that exercise kept me from eating too much but I've read recently that it's more what we put in our mouth. I could save a lot of money each month not having a gym membership and save a lot of time not driving an hour each way to the gym. I believe that the exercise keeps me from eating too much. There is a website that lets me see exactly how much time I need to spend walking,  running or swimming to burn the calories in, for example, a large french fry from a chain restaurant. When temptation overwhelms me and I eat those fries, I just want to kick myself when I see that I have to walk for a few HOURS  to burn the calories off!!!!  It makes me much happier to know that I can burn off the entire spinach salad I had at lunch in one Zumba class instead. 

I also know that muscles help to burn calories so I don't mind spending time lifting weights. My calves are larger and I notice it when wearing boots with my jeans, but my husband did comment on my "shapely" legs the other day. I also think my knees are better from doing the lunges recommended in the 7YY book. When I was swimming more I felt like I had upper arms like Michelle Obama - NOT! I can wish, though!

Personally, I have to change my mindset to realize that if do nothing more than walk around the block once or twice during my lunch hour, or even before I get in the car to go home, that's still exercise. Usually I feel like I have to change clothes, put on different shoes, take off my make-up and make a big production out of going for a walk. So if you haven't already, walk to the mailbox. Walk around the block. You don't have to tell anyone. Just do it. It's for you, anyway. Change "Just Do It" to "I Did It!"


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