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younger looking eyes

Photo by: Stuart Tyson/Studio D

Help is on the way These four tools will start to turn back the clock:

Lid primer
A neutral-shade eye primer makes the surface of your lids smoother, making shadow adhere better. And as an added bonus, a primer helps color stay put, preventing it from disappearing into the folds and forming unflattering creases.

Application: Using your fingers, glide the primer onto your entire top eyelid from the lash line up to the brow. Keep the layer very thin so it doesn’t weigh lids down.

Whether you prefer a pencil or a cake formula, the result is the same: an even, light outline opens up and enhances the shape of your eyes.

Application: Use a soft pencil that doesn't tug at the skin, or wet the bristles of a liner brush and dip it into the shadow. Then, point your chin up and look down, so your lids are half-closed but you can still see them. (FYI: holding the lid taut by tugging at the outer corners can cause skin to crinkle, making the liner come out unevenly.) Start at the outer corner and draw inward, making the line as thin as possible; a thick band of liner will close up your eye area. On your bottom lashes, choose a liner color a shade or two lighter than the one you used on top.

True-to-you toned shadow
On pale skin tones, sheer, low-watt neutrals do for eyes what gloss does for lips: enhance size and provide a youthful, modern look. Neutrals highlight your eyes, not your lids. Your best bets: sage and jewel tones – they cancel red and yellow skin tones, making the whites of the eyes look brighter. Try to avoid any browns - brown has yellow or red pigments, which tends to make eyes look tired.

If you’re Hispanic, jewel tones—especially vibrant plums—are a good choice, as they complement the olive undertones of your skin. African-American women can wear most makeup colors, “though brighter hues in particular look nice against this rich skin tone,” says Ashunta Sheriff, lead makeup artist for Mary Kay. If you’re Asian, avoid deep purples and blues that clash with the yellow undertones typical of Asian skin. Instead, go for earth tones like browns and coppers, light minty greens, and dusty lilac shades.

No matter what skin tone you have, shadows with subtle luminescence will also have an eye-brightening effect. In fact, adding a dot of light shimmer shadow to the inner corners of your eyes can open them up and make your whole face look brighter. Beware too much sparkle though; it will accentuate crepe-like skin and work against the anti-aging goal.

Application: Sweep the color up to the crease; add more depth by placing a deeper shade directly into the crease.

Lengthening mascara
Once you hit your 40s, mascara should help lengthen your lashes more than add volume to help open up your eyes. Choose a formula that’s water-resistant to avoid smudging and flaking.

Application: Press the mascara wand against the base of your lashes for a few extra seconds and then jiggle the brush back and forth as you draw it out to the tips.

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