Soften Pesky Crow's Feet

Here's your step-by-step tutorial to hide those tiny creases and give your eyes a wider, brighter look right away.

soften crows feet

Photo by: ZenShui/Michele/Getty Images

There’s an insider secret to lessening the appearance of crow’s feet and other fine lines around the eyes—and it goes beyond simply sealing off creases or covering up wrinkles. If you really want to make those lines less noticeable, “draw attention to the center of your lids with a touch of shimmer,” says makeup artist Jordy Poon. And a “winged” or cat-eye look, where eyeliner extends out past the end of the lid is not helping. Instead of giving you a lift, it’s just going to settle into your wrinkles, making them more pronounced. Follow along for more helpful tips and tricks.


Prime your skin Before putting on makeup, particularly for a special occasion, use a facial primer that fills in wrinkles to create a smoother canvas. Bonus: It also helps makeup last longer!

Reflect light Dab a liquid highlighter that’s close to your skin tone on top of crow’s feet; blend outward. This will reflect light away from imperfections while giving the illusion of an even complexion.

Line your eye Use a brown or black pencil to line your top lids, being careful not to extend past the corner.

Lay down a shadow base Swipe a nude or pale gray matte shadow all over your lids, then put on mascara.

Add some shimmer Pat a subtle champagne shimmer shadow (for dark skin, go gold) on just the center of your lid.


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