Give Your Skin a Rosy Radiance

It’s not uncommon for your face to lose a little of its luster as you get older, but here we show you how to restore your natural glow.

rosy radiance

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According to makeup artist Laura Geller, there are a few common misconceptions and mistakes that might be holding you back from getting that dewy, youthful look you crave. “Most women don’t know how to bring back the brightness to their skin and recapture that vitality,” she says. “They think it’s foundation or bronzer, but you really need to start with texture—meaning primers with some shimmer or glow.”


Geller also sees women struggle with choosing and applying the proper blush, which—according to her—is the secret to a rosy, natural-looking radiance. “When you smile and you have that color in the apple of the cheek, you get that pinched-cheek look that everybody’s trying to retain from their youth,” she says. “It’s the easiest, quickest way to restore a beautiful, soft glow.” To get it right, follow this simple tutorial:


Prep Use your face moisturizer first, allowing cream to sink in for at least 30 seconds. This is crucial: Well-hydrated skin will appear plumper, with a bit of dewy sheen.

Base Then, apply a thin layer of illuminating under-eye makeup primer all over: “These products have ingredients that reflect light, which will blur imperfections and give your skin instant vitality.”

Foundation Next step: Apply a cream foundation with a light texture, which will allow luminosity to shine through. Geller says many BB creams and CC creams work well here—their extra moisture makes them a little lighter than typical foundation formulas.

Blush Now take a blush brush and dip it into your powder blush. Pinks are universally flattering for all skin tones, says Geller—whether it’s a shade of rose, cranberry or berry. Tap off the excess so you start with less, not more. (You can always go back and apply again, if need be!) Smile, then swirl it only on the apple of your cheek.

Finish Finally, take what’s left on your brush and swipe it across your eyelids. “This ensures you’re going to look harmonized, for a very natural looking glow,” says Geller.


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