Play Up Your Lashes for Younger-Looking Eyes

Conceal crinkly eyelids and make eyes appear brighter by focusing on your lashes.

play up lashes

Photo by: J Muckle/Studio D

Whether it’s a shimmery shadow or a too-heavy eyeliner pencil, certain types of makeup can accentuate crinkly lids. So the key to masking crepiness is to sub products with the right texture—ones that will glide over and flatten those miniscule creases. Then, “you can easily deflect from wrinkly eyelids just by emphasizing your lashes,” says makeup artist Jordy Poon. Here’s your easy how-to:


Start with a makeup primer It will even out skin, which helps your eye makeup last much longer, and it also prevents shadow from creasing, says Poon. Spread it on with clean fingertips, very gently.

Apply a matte shadow Shimmery shadows enhance crepiness, but a matte shadow will flatten an eyelid with lots of texture. Sweep a warm taupe (use brown on dark skin) on lids, up to the creases.

Line your top lids Use a black marker eyeliner (if you’re fair, try brown or navy), since the lightweight formula glides over delicate skin and won’t creep into wrinkles. To apply, draw a thick line just above your lashes, starting at the outer corner of your eye and ending just short of the inner corner.

Brighten the line With a small shadow brush, trace a gleamy eyeshadow in the same color (think: satiny, not shimmer) over the liner.

Accentuate lashes Finish with two coats of volume-enhancing mascara.


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