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There’s a confusing contradiction that happens as you get older. Some days, you look in the mirror—focused on that one fine line you swear wasn’t there yesterday and that belly flab you can’t seem to diet away—and become frustrated. It’s like your aging appearance doesn’t represent how young and vibrant you feel on the inside. Other days, though, you actually feel your age—maybe even older. It’s as though your energy and resolve have been zapped by the demands of your busy life, not to mention the stress that comes along with it. And with that realization, you worry: Will all that internal chaos start to show on the outside—in the smoothness of your skin, the volume of your hair, the shape of your stomach or legs? You suspect it will, but even so, you try to dismiss your concerns—because you’re convinced there’s no way you’ll ever find the time to actually do something about them.

Until now. Despite what you’ve seen when you Googled “crow’s feet” or “lose the last 10 pounds” (we’re guessing a confusing mix of different diet plans, lotions, pills, and expensive surgeries), there’s good news to report on the anti-aging front. Through the research done for 7 Years Younger and the 7 Years Younger Anti-Aging Breakthrough Diet, we know that turning back the clock is possible. With the right combination of smart hair and skin care, good nutrition, consistent exercise, sufficient sleep, and strategic stress relief, you can look and feel younger. And while we stand by the promise that we made in 7 Years Younger—that our comprehensive beauty, diet, and fitness program will deliver results in just 7 weeks—we also understand that not every woman has the time or desire to overhaul her entire life. That’s where this mini-makeover manual steps in to save you. 


Anti-Aging Advice that’s Backed by Experts

When we talked to readers, they told us they wanted a handbook for looking younger now, full of super-fast tools, tactics, and tricks to solve their biggest beauty and skin problems or help them make the lifestyle changes needed for weight loss and stress relief. We took that suggestion and ran with it, combing the anti-aging research and grilling the very best experts to come up with bite-sized advice, all packaged into easy makeovers. We also used several tremendous resources—our savvy staff at Woman’s Day and the Good Housekeeping Research Institute, which has a deep database of anti-aging product tests—so that we could be sure our recommendations gave you the best bang for your buck. We also drew on the anti-aging experts at Redbook magazine.

Finally—and perhaps most importantly—we asked our 7 Years Younger Panel, made up of twelve Woman’s Day readers ranging in age from 35-65, to test out our advice. Through their courage (many cut and colored their hair in the name of research!) and feedback, we know that we’re making the best recommendations for both in-the-moment fixes and long-term solutions that fit seamlessly into your daily routine and your budget.

Reading this mini-makeover manual from cover to cover will definitely help to demystify the aging process, but don’t be overwhelmed—it certainly isn’t recommended that you try all of its advice. Instead, you’re to look at this installment of the 7YY series as your ultimate beauty and health handbook. Simply mix and match the best solutions that fit your needs, and then keep the book on your bookshelf, consulting it any time a problem pops up (“why can’t I fall asleep lately?”), or you need the confidence boost that comes from giving your skin or hair a little extra attention (“it’s about time I tackle those dark circles!”).


7YY’s Biggest Benefit

We learned quite a bit from the twelve readers who tested our advice, and you’ll become acquainted with their favorite tips and tricks as you browse through the book. A predominant theme that came up in almost every single conversation, and one that we think is worth mentioning up front, is this: These busy women were all pleasantly surprised by how much joy and confidence they gained from building just a little more “me time” into their day—whether they were using that extra two minutes for meditation or makeup. “If you just take the time to put yourself higher on the priority list, you can learn little things to do daily that change your appearance and outlook,” said Silvia Robles, 40. “I feel so much more energetic and optimistic.” Fellow panelist Jade Dillman, 43, agreed: “Knowing there are things I can do to feel great about myself is one thing, but knowing that I can do it myself is what really matters.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves—and we truly believe all of you will find that same kind of empowerment in the pages ahead. After all, there’s nothing more important than taking care of you. So let’s get started!


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