Get Rid of Unwanted Hair

When it comes to ridding your face of pesky peach fuzz and unwanted hairs, there are lots of options' but what works best where? Herein, your foolproof hair removal guide.

get rid of unwanted hair

Photo by: Jeffrey Westbrookl/Studio D

For peach fuzz on your cheeks: If hairs are especially long, you can trim them with scissors. Otherwise, you’re best leaving that fuzz alone. Because makeup can make those hairs more noticeable, a few tiny tweaks to your morning routine can help hide—rather than enhance—them. Choose creamy foundations and blushes instead of powders, which can sit on top of fuzz like dust, and blend makeup in the direction hair is growing—this will help push hairs down.


For noticeable hair on your upper lip: Waxing is the safest and most effective solution here, says Sasha Belousova, a hair removal expert at Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa in New York City. It only needs to be done every four weeks, and it’s gentler on skin than depilatory creams. If you can’t afford to see a pro regularly (an upper lip wax costs anywhere from $8 to $12, on average) or prefer to do it at home, follow these tips to minimize irritation:

  1. To prepare, be sure to stop using topical anti-aging products 72 hours prior to waxing. Ingredients like alpha hydroxy acid or retinols make skin more sensitive.
  2. Purchase a kit that includes both pre-size strips and finishing wipes that remove wax. (But if you just buy strips, baby oil also works to get the wax off.) TRY: Veet Ready-to-Use Wax Strips for Underarm and Face ($5.17; at Walmart).
  3. Clean skin thoroughly first. Then carefully follow the instructions on your kit, but remember: Always pull it off against the hair growth. That means doing each side separately, removing the strip toward the nose.
  4. Afterward, soothe skin with a gentle gel or cream containing aloe vera, or if you have sensitive skin, apply a hydrocortisone cream, which will reduce irritation and redness.

For dark, wiry strands on your chin: The consensus here was overwhelming, among doctors and aestheticians alike: Don’t pluck! If you just have a few strays, your best bet to avoid irritation or ingrown hairs is to carefully trim these wiry whiskers with facial hair scissors once or twice a week. Otherwise, get them tweezed by a pro, or try a depilatory cream—since it’s usually such a small patch of skin, potential irritation is less traumatic—but still be extra careful. Results will last about one to two weeks. TRY: Olay Facial Hair Removal Duo ($25; at drugstores).


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