Get Lusher Lashes

Some simple makeup magic for brightening up your gorgeous eyes.

get lusher lashes

Photo by: J Muckle/Studio D

Create Lots of Volume!

Luckily, restoring a dark lash line and adding thickness and curl won’t just give you the appearance of fuller lashes—but it will also open and lift the eye tremendously. Follow this simple how-to from celebrity makeup artist Mally.

  1. Start by curling the top lashes. (If you don’t do it, you might as well not wear mascara at all, she says.) The trick is to do it carefully, so you don’t tug lashes or damage the hair follicle. No repeated pulses; just squeeze once at the base and hold for a few seconds. TRY: Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler ($21;
  2. Dot black eye pencil between lashes, applying from underneath. Then blend it with a liner brush.
  3. Smush your mascara wand right in your lash base, wiggle it a few times slowly, then pull it through, lifting it up and toward your nose. This simple trick will make your eyes look more open.
  4. Next, hold the wand vertically and gently skim it across your lashes in a windshield-wiper motion. This fans them out and gets rid of any clumps on the tips.
  5. Mascara on your bottom lashes finishes the look, so hold the brush vertically and lightly paint each lash. That way, it won’t smudge. If you suffer from dark circles, though, you might want to skip this step—playing up your lower lashes could just draw attention to any undereye shadows. And if you happen to smudge by mistake, just use a small, flat makeup brush with a tiny bit of foundation to blend it away, says celebrity makeup artist Pati Dubroff.


TRY: The Best Big-Volume Mascaras!

Almost every makeup artist we talked to recommended using black mascara to help eyes stand out. What’s more: The fewer the coats, the less weight you’ll put on delicate lashes, keeping them strong and healthy. A few of our favorites:


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