Find Your Best Anti-Aging Cut

Go for a subtle change with your hair or try something a bit bolder to counter the changes you're seeing on and around your face.

anti aging cut

Photo by: Gary Lupton/Studio D

Get layers Every stylist we talked to agreed: Hair that’s all one length is heavy and can make you look tired, but adding at least a few soft, face-framing layers gives your features lightness and lift. (This is especially important if you want to keep your hair length below your shoulders.) “Adding layers really opens everything up and brings out the eyes,” says celebrity hairstylist Rodney Cutler, whose clients include Rachel Ray, Emma Watson and Fergie. What’s more: Layers are an easy way to give volume a boost.


Switch up the length Hair that’s too long (but that’s thinning or doesn’t have enough body) can weigh down your face, while hair that hits at the chin might draw more attention to a sagging jawline. A cut that grazes the collarbone, though, is universally flattering. It works on all hair types and textures, plus it can draw attention away from an aging neck, says San Diego hairstylist Jet Rhys. Many stylists also say cropped cuts that are a little longer on top can look modern and youthful, but only when they’re sleek. “Too many women think a short cut is a free pass to forgo styling, but when hair has no polish, it can look matronly,” Rhys says.


Embrace your texture If you want to let your kinky or curly hair be natural, go for it—transitioning will take time, but eventually, that soft base of curls is an instant youth-booster, says Tippi Shorter, a celebrity hairstylist who has worked with Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson. If you already have curls, cut hair shoulder-length or above with some layering, then add highlights to create dimension. “Too much length on any texture can tend to be too heavy, but on textured hair specifically, longer hair will grow out instead of down,” says Shorter. “This can make the face frame look larger.”


Soften sharp edges Severe cuts that create harsh lines can accentuate wrinkles, so if you have a bob—or are considering one—you want to make sure the ends are soft and loose. Tell your stylist you want it “point cut,” which means they’ll hold the scissors vertically, taking little notches out along the ends. “It releases the bulk of the line, making the bob more free and moveable,” says Rhys. Same goes for cropped cuts: Ask for a softer shape that will work well finger-styled and tousled. “You want it to look wispy, not spiky,” adds Shorter.


Try bangs Bangs can camouflage forehead lines (the “Bangtox” effect), but not all types do it equally well. “A blunt bang that hangs straight across the forehead isn’t for everyone. It can emphasize aging features and more mature skin,” says celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa. “Opt for a side-swept fringe with layers that blend into the rest of your hair; it’ll make your features look soft and youthful.” Rhys adds that these bangs should still be a bit wispy, rather than one solid swoop. “You want to see a little skin peeking through,” she says. “That way it doesn’t look like you’re trying to hide something—but you still are!”


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