Erase Years From Your Neck and Chest

You may be diligent about taking care of your face, but it might be time to focus your attention a few inches south.

erase years from your neck

Photo by: Brigitte Sporrer

Experts say your neck and décolletage can show early-warning signs of aging. “The skin there is much thinner, which means it may be the first place you’ll notice things like sun spots and crepiness,” says Ava Shamban, MD, an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at UCLA and the author of Heal Your Skin. Chalk it all up to sun damage—and not being quite as careful about your skincare routine in these delicate areas. “The first thing I always tell people is that 5 minutes of sun a day adds up over a lifetime, and this is perhaps most apparent on the chest,” adds Joshua Zeichner, MD, a dermatologist in New York City. “I see lots of chronic damage in that V below the neck.”

You don’t have to constantly cover up your décolletage with clothing! A few little tricks can help you temporarily even out its tone and texture:


Moisturize Just like with any skin that’s showing signs of wrinkling, keeping the neck and chest moist will make them look instantly tighter and smoother. And know this: Choosing a lotion or cream with hyaluronic acid will help hold that moisture in, for a temporarily plumper appearance.

Smooth with makeup The makeup artists we talked to all agreed: You should be extending your foundation, BB cream or CC cream down onto your neck and up around your ears. And if your chest is also a problem area, go ahead and apply your base layer there as well. “I use a liquid foundation, pump it onto my fingers, rub it together a bit, and then give the whole area one nice, sheer coat,” says celebrity makeup artist Melanie Mills. If you happen to use a heavier foundation on your face, you don’t need to invest in a lighter one—just mix a little in with your moisturizer, so it glides over this larger area more easily.

Target trouble spots You’re probably not going to want to spackle heavy primer, foundation or concealer all over your chest every day, but if there are one or two dark-and-blatant blemishes you want to hide for a special occasion, you can definitely cover them up with the same makeup magic you’d use to conceal spots on your face.


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