Boost Volume to Conceal Thinning Hair

These strategic styles and products will help hide sparse strands and add fullness to your hair.

boost volume

Photo by: Gary Lupton/Studio D

Use thickening shampoos and treatments Instead of volume-boosting products that just bind fibers together, look for a product that contains caffeine or panthenol to actually increase the diameters of the hairs. This will bump up volume overall.


Get a flattering cut “Thin hair should be mid-neck or shorter and have layers throughout,” says San Diego hairstylist Jet Rhys. Style with a root booster, then hold the top sections of our hair straight up as you blow-dry.


Add depth with color Dye is another route to lush locks. “Highlights and lowlights add dimension, making hair look thicker,” says Rhys. Coloring also temporarily plumps the cuticle, so strands appear slightly fuller.


Consider clip-in extensions or hairpieces If you’re still craving more volume, you can try hair extensions, which have become much more affordable and easier to use in recent years.


Bonus! Eat for thicker, stronger hair Always add protein. Your body can’t make hair without it, so be sure every single meal has fish, chicken, meat, tofu, eggs, chickpeas or beans. These foods also pack a good mix of iron and B vitamins, which are essential for healthy hair too.


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