Put On Your Best Smile

Learn the makeup tricks behind perfecting your pout

anti aging lip makeup

Photo by: Stuart Tyson/Studio D

Like most of your features, lips evolve with age—their color may lighten or become more irregular, and their overall volume may dip. To counteract these changes and give your smile a lift, you’ll need five things:

To prevent pigment from migrating into the lines just above your upper lip, pretreat the area with concealer. Using your fingertip, lightly dot on one that contains reflective particles; you’ll block any color transfer, and the light-reflecting particles will minimize the appearance of lines.

Lip liner
Carefully apply a clear or nude liner around the perimeter of your lips to define your mouth. Nix the colored pencils; they can leave a telltale ring of liner after your lipstick is long gone.

A lip brush
This will give you optimal precision as well as control over how much color you lay down near the lip border. Dip the brush into your lipstick and dab a little on the center of your lips, then spread it out to the corners.

A sheer, satiny lip-color
Matte finishes are opaque and drying, and can leave lips looking caked and crumbly. Instead, opt for a sheer, shiny, or satiny finish. Lipsticks that have the moisturizing ingredient hyaluronic acid can leave lips looking softer and fuller.

Bonus: Update your look by changing your lip color. If you’ve been wearing neutrals since the nineties, try red. And if you’ve been wedded to red, try a pink. Forget the color rules; the danger isn’t in the shade, but in a heavy texture. “Anything that’s severe—a lipstick or hairdo—will age you. So wear red, but a sheer one,” says makeup artist Sandy Linter. Roses, natural pinks, berry shades, and, if you like something dramatic, true red can all be flattering.

A protective lip balm
For times when you’re not wearing lipcolor, make sure you use a protective lip balm. Lips, like all exposed skin, need a high-SPF, broad-spectrum sunscreen. “UV damage can manifest as inflammation of the lips, redness, and flaking, and, over time, can lead to wrinkling and even cancer,” says New York City dermatologist Macrene Alexiades, Ph.D., M.D. Look for a lip balm with SPF 15 or higher.

Try these recommended products:

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