Is Your Hair Aging You?

Learn the secrets to a more youthful mane

anti aging hair

Photo by: Masterfile

Renew your shampoo technique

Here’s a head’s-up on aging changes: over the years, your hair texture tends to get wirier and the diameter of individual strands decreases. The right washing technique can maximize fullness and volume while minimizing damage.

The Secret: Apply shampoo only to your roots. Why? Shampoo’s main purpose is to cleanse the scalp, preventing the build-up of flaky dandruff and oily sebum. After you rub gently to work up a lather on the top of your head, allow the suds to run through your hair. No need to scrub the length of your strands; let the product lift away any surface debris.

Bonus Tip: Skip the repeat shampoo; you don’t need to wash hair twice, no matter what the instructions say. Test out a moisturizing shampoo; these thicken hair and zip up split ends so your hair looks fuller, softer, and super-shiny.

Go deep once a week

Masks, or deep conditioners, are formulated to remedy dryness, roughness, and dullness with an intense dose of conditioners. Typically, you comb one through your hair, leave it in 3 to 15 minutes, and then rinse out. In the shower, apply product once you wet your hair, comb it through and let it soak in for 3 to 15 minutes, depending on how thick your hair is. For extra body, use a wide-tooth comb so it spreads evenly.

Bonus Tip: Stay in the shower while you let it stand—the steam from the hot water will encourage the conditioner to sink in. If you want to deep-condition without showering, apply to damp hair then wrap in a warm dry towel (microwave it!) to enhance product penetration.

Condition On Your Own Time: You may have to experiment to find the optimal frequency for your hair. Start by using a mask every other week—if your hair is fine or thinning, apply only from mid-shaft to ends to avoid weighing down strands. If deep conditioning leaves strands softer and healthier-feeling without weighing them down, you can use up to twice a week.


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