Easy Anti-Aging Makeup Tricks

Put your best face forward with trusted advice from our pros

age spot remedies and breakout tips

Photo by: Marko Metzinger/Studio D

Q: Now that I’m in my 40s and beyond breakouts, do I still need to use an oil-free foundation?

A: If your skin feels a bit dryer and tighter now, a more emollient foundation is preferable; check for glycerin on the ingredients list. But also look for “noncomedogenic” on the label, which means the foundation has been tested and won’t block pores. Clogged pores look more prominent—and can make you look older (not to mention lead to breakouts).


Q: A zit just popped up in the middle of my wrinkles! Now what?

A: Try a green-tinted concealer. Green tones cancel redness. Dot on with a concealer brush or cotton-tipped swab and then pat with your index finger to help set it. To minimize lines, apply a primer, using fingertips to spread a tiny amount all over your face under foundation. This keeps your base from sinking into and accentuating lines.


Q: I’ve been wearing the same foundation for years. Should I be looking to change it?

A If your stock formula has been matte, trade it in for a tinted moisturizer to achieve a lighter, dewier look. Not enough coverage? You can mix your foundation with a little moisturizer to thin it out or even mix tinted moisturizer with your foundation. The sheer, less dense formulation prevents foundation from pooling and highlighting the lines, wrinkles, and pores you’re trying to minimize,” says Kimara Ahnert, a makeup artist in New York City.


Q: How can I make age spots disappear?

A: Try a foundation stick in the same shade as your foundation; a lighter shade will make your face look like it has light dots on it. Apply the stick after you put on foundation, using a concealer or foundation brush. Finish by patting it in with your finger or a sponge.


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